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The Bowclamp has been written up in various publications and on several websites. Here's a sampling of what's been said... (By the way, another great place to read what people have to say about the Bowclamp is on the Bowclamp Woodworkers' Forum at

“A great addition to any woodworking shop.”….
The Highland Woodworker (Fast forward to the 32 min. mark)

M. Scott Morton… for Highland Woodworking

“These new clamp products have the versatility for every glue-up possibility that you might run across in a woodshop”….
Frank Byers… Woodcraft Woodworking Adventures

"To ensure good clamping pressure when adding solid-wood edging to plywood panels, it’s not unreasonable to place a clamp every 8 in. or so. On a 48-in. edge, that means seven clamps. With the new Bowclamp clamping caul, you can do the same job with two clamps."
Fine Woodworking

"I received a pair of cauls from Bowclamp, and it didn't take me long to appreciate their simplicity and effectiveness... Having looked closely at the Bowclamp Cauls, these are very well designed and crafted. I think there is more to them than meets the eye"

"My overall impression of the Bowclamp caul system is that they are well designed, do what they are designed to do, and worth the money... If you value your time like I do. I [would] much rather be making something fun than some high tech bowed sticks. And the savings goes even farther because instead of having [an] arsenal of expensive parallel jaw clamps you can use many less and cheaper F-style clamps... I will find lots of use for them in my shop."
North Carolina Woodworker

"Best of all, the Bowclamp is affordable. Some of its features and engineering would be difficult to duplicate consistently and accurately in the average shop. They cost less than many clamps, and while they do not eliminate the need for clamps, The Bowclamp easily augments or even replaces some of the clamps needed in many glue ups and fixturing applications. This means that with Bowclamps, the woodworker uses fewer clamps. The days of never having too many clamps is over, at a savings to the woodworker. The Bowclamp's appeal for me was initially not about what was routine and easy for them to do, but for the clamping and fixturing situations I occasionally encounter which are difficult to solve... Using Bowclamps encouraged me to think outside the box about my methods of clamping and fixturing. Now I often find applications for them which I wouldn't expect... One thing is certain. The Bowclamp will have a place in my woodworking clamp arsenal for a long, long time. "
Rob Hanson

"The Bowclamps™ represent a nifty idea that applies to most hobbyist woodworking shops. Being able to apply uniform pressure over the length of many common project types with only two clamps certainly could be a money saver...If you are looking for a way to reduce the number of clamps needed in your shop or just need this kind of reach, the Bowclamps™ should get a hard look."

"Let’s just say the Bowclamp is one of those total unexpected surprises when you see it in action....They not only require less clamps, but they save time (less clamps to tighten) and provide for more even pressure. Some of the best glue-ups I’ve had to date have been with these cauls in full effect.."
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